Wellsite Geology

PetroLog provides the industry with Wellsite and Operations Geologists of excellence. Additional to an academic degree in the earth sciences, our geologist come with:

   Minimum 7 years of international wellsite experience
   Proficiency in wireline log interpretation and log quality control as well as
MWD, LWD and Geosteering coordination
   Comprehensive wellsite geological software including the WinLog
   well database and masterlog suite.
  Comprehensive drilling engineering software covering wireline log
   analysis, drilling fluid engineering, well hydraulics and more.

   All required NOGEPA (NL), OLF (NO), OPITO (UK) licenses and certifications

On a regular basis, our wellsite geologists take refresher and upgrade courses in subjects dedicated  to their daily profession and beyond.

All our wellsite geologists must work at least one two weeks shift per annum as Unit Manager in one of our mudlogging units to refresh and update their fundamental operational skills and keep their feet on the ground.