In addition to full fledged mudlogging services, PetroLog specializes in the provision of taylormade mudlogging solutions for Operator specific needs and requirements.

Present day drilling rigs have dedicated realtime drilling monotoring systems that make much of conventional mudlogging sensoring redundant. From such drilling monitoring infrastructures, our units import a limited realtime dataset via the
WITS protocol required for the intelligable geological and hydrocarbon appraisal of the wellbore. This allows both for a reduction of the number of crew as for their focus on the fundamentals:

Especially on marginal O&G appraisals and on geothermal or
CBM projects where there is no demand for comprehensive 3rd party drilling monitoring, this has proven to be an efficient and cost effective approach.
Checking the stratigraphical prognosis against the proof of the bit
Providing key wellsite personnel with observations critical to the drilling process
Compilation of the well Masterlog as the main integrated graphical record of the wellbore