Desorption  - Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gas

PetroLog started its Desorption and Related Services in the mid 90ties on CBM projects in Poland, using inhouse built hardware & software combined with local human resources from our then founded Polish partner GeoKrak. Over the years, GeoKrak has  continued to develop and refine the desorption technology and dedicated laboratory analysis techniques, culminating in the full range of quality desorption services available to the industry today.

Our common experience now extends to projects in Poland, France, Germany, the UK, Tunisia, the KSA, Chili and Namibia, encompassing the processing of many kilometers of full size and slimhole cores.

As Shale Gas is becoming a significant resource of natural gas, our desorption and associated services are used with great success by an increasing number of Operators in this expanding field of gas exploration and production.